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Reputation Crisis Planning

The advent of social media has made access to information and the spread of opinions easy. This instantaneous dissemination of information is a priority concern for ProtoCon, LLC when assisting our clients in dealing with their reputation, particularly because negative information goes viral at 10 times the rate of positive news.

Key factors for handling a crisis are as follows:

  • Act fast be ready with a response that sets the tone in contrast to negative and inaccurate information.

  • Be factual and guarded, yet transparent about the things you do disclose.

  • Exhibit empathy for any clear wrongs that your attorney says you can discuss. The public can be extremely forgiving but not to someone who has no humility or sense of personal responsibility.

  • Be rational and pause before speaking or posting. As humans, we react to a crisis with emotion and instinct which easily overwhelms us before our brains can make a conscious, purposeful decision.

Crisis preparation and scenario planning are a part of ProtoCon LLC's services, which are customized to each individual client based on their visibility and case circumstances.

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