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Reflection Through Broken Glass


Navigating the upheavals and event turning points you will continually face.



Innovative Solutions

New charges during pre-trial are not uncommon and can be a devastating crisis. New legal rulings that affect your case and sentencing are another legal area we pay close attention to on your behalf.

If these things happen, your attorney provides the legal advice but PRTOtoCON, LLC assits you to understand and navigate the impact.

Our perspective can help you mitigate crisis fallout to make any preparation adjustments needed for your preparation.

Reading Newspaper


Narrative vs. Reality

Being on the receiving end of a negative narrative is brutal.  Something often experienced only by celebrities and those in the public eye, federal crimes usually bring a spotlight onto your life at the very worst time and in the most debilitating of ways.

In addition to negative public information about you, it is often factually incorrect, inflammatory, and one-sided.  How you handle the attention requires competent and timely crisis management, as it so often affects our loved ones at school, socially, and in the community.

Holding Hands


New Chapters

The need for candid, open, and effective communication with your spouse and family may likely be at the most critical point you've ever experienced.

We often have to learn new tools in how we communicate and learn to discuss difficult topics in an open way that we've likely never done before.  Time is limited before you go away and even more so on the inside, as phone minutes are severely restricted, averaging only 10 minutes a day.

As people who have gone through this successfully, we can share what we've learned about keeping relationships strong through the crisis of at-home difficulties and the fallout these circumstances can bring.

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