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Staying Connected, Safe

and Together

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What Your Family Needs

PROtoCON, LLC provides individual and family support specific to your circumstances, which many of our clients say is critical for getting through these difficult times.  You’ll receive a clear and practical understanding of what to expect and how to cope, as you enter the life-altering changes that come with serving a federal prison sentence.

We are not trained psychologists but have been through these situations ourselves. We have also supported our co-inmates through them as well, so we have plenty of experience in handling family fall-out.

This process includes:

-Preparing spouses for the often arduous road ahead

-Helping your children cope

-Easing concerns from family and friends

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Strengthening Relationships

In addition to the above, PROtoCON, LLC offers supplementary services once you are away, which can include ordering flowers, gifts, and facilitating the sending of messages and cards to your loved ones on the outside. 

We can:

-Help your family and friends decipher information

-Conduct research on your behalf. 

-Follow up with family to assist in coordinating visits and

-Maintain social media sites

-Facilitate subscriptions, books, religious items, and eyeglasses

Finally, as your release date approaches, we will guide you through the halfway house/home confinement maze and explain the critical resource avenues you may not be aware of, to help you in your transition.

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